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Contents insurance comparison | Find companies who can offer home contents insurance at discount rates. Compare contents insurance here online from top carriers and discount providers and choose the best home contents insurance for your needs and protect your personal possessions.

Contents insurance refers to coverage for your home's content, which you own, and is not considered part of the real estate. Contents insurance or home content insurance is available to owners and renters of property. Home content insurance essentially covers all movable objects such as clothes, furniture, electronics, furnishings, jewelry etc and may be referred to variously as providing coverage for possessions, belongings, personal property, items, goods and chattels.

home contents insurance

Home contents insurance for owners covers the resident family in addition to the named policyholder. In the case of renter policies, each individual is required to have their own policy, that is, coverage does not extend to any roommates.

Cheap contents insurance is normally sold as part of a packaged product that is either HOI, renter, condo or dwelling policies. The basic standard amount of coverage (or dollar limit of total liability) offered to owners is calculated as a percentage of the chosen dwelling cover amount. A figure of 50-70% for contents insurance is not uncommon.

home contents insurance

This means that if you insure your owner occupied property at $300,000 for the building or dwelling, you will receive $150,000 contents insurance at 50%. Home contents insurance becomes more expensive as you opt for wider coverage choices.

There are four tiers, choices or approaches to consider:

1. Unscheduled Personal Property: is the basic policy offering for cheap contents insurance. The dollar limit is calculated according to the above method and claim limits apply to different categories of possessions in total, and per item in some cases.

2. Home contents insurance: as unscheduled personal property - but with optional coverage extensions. These are known variously as riders, endorsements, floaters, extra, extended limit or optional coverages. Here your contents insurance gets an increased dollar limit on chosen categories and per item limits. One might consider whether the increased premium is actually worth it, for what may be a small extension, especially when focused on cheap contents insurance.

3. Additional Coverages: Not all contents are covered by default. Some types of content or personal property require additional coverage. For example, watercraft and recreational vehicles not covered under auto policies.   

4. Scheduled Personal Property: In exchange for a list of individual valuable items backed up by receipts and or appraisals, you may insure valuable items without category and per item limitation. The scheduled personal property approach is typically used for jewelry cover.

In the case of most contents insurance you will also have two further quote choices to make: 

1. Cash Value or Replacement Cost?

Actual value (ACV) or replacement cost: for claims settlements. ACV is cheap contents home insurance, paying out the second-hand or used value of the items claimed for. This approach invariably reflects the cheapest contents insurance policy. Replacement cost policies cut you a check for the cost to replace items new. Replacement cost policies may run significantly more expensive than cheaper ACV policies.

2. Deductible Amount?

Good home contents insurance comes with a flexible choice of deductible amounts. The higher the deductible the cheaper the home contents insurance quote. Both home and contents insurance rates vary amongst providers nor do they remain constant. It is advisable to examine any contents insurance quote as part of your general HOI condo or renter policy shopping. Home and contents insurance is typically sold together along with personal liability coverage as a packaged product. Look for building and contents and home content insurance deals here online and find cheap contents insurance and home contents insurance quotes today.

Home Contents Insurance Quotes

A cheap home contents insurance quote may be obtained from numerous potential carriers listed here in your area. Cheap home contents insurance, whilst available is not normally subject to an individual premium rather comes within the total premium offered for both the buildings and contents insurance. Home and content insurance are typically sold together as part of a wider home owners package. Cheap content insurance is thus a characteristic of a cheap package in general, as dictated by basic insurance rates. Thus rates for building contents insurance are reflective of general rate competitiveness for given locations and dwelling coverage amounts. This site offers resources for both a cheap home and contents insurance comparison of the policies and choices to be made.


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