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Earthquake insurance | find approved insurers who may offer earthquake insurance. Look for online discount companies offering earthquake insurance in your area and get a basic overview of this specific type of hazard coverage available as a stand-alone policy or endorsement to HOI policies.

Earthquake insurance may be purchased from many general companies and specialist policy providers. For earthquake insurance, California and other state residents may gain protection for the dwelling and often additional or adjacent structures, contents or personal property and loss of usage.

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An earthquake insurance quote is determined by the zone in which the property is located, ranging from low through highest risk areas, together with the insured property value, choice of deductible and whether any additional structures, personal property and loss of usage options are selected.

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The typical earthquake insurance quote is based on a deductible of anywhere between 10-25% of the limit of liability or coverage amount. When considering earthquake insurance, California residents have a number of choices here including, CEA, private general insurance companies and specialist earthquake insurance.

California residents are not required by lenders to purchase California earthquake insurance. Rates vary between the different companies and in addition to shopping around for quotation deals, it is important to examine the coverage and details carefully when considering any California earthquake insurance policy, including any construction qualification criteria.

In general, earthquake insurance companies policies may contain different deductible amounts for the dwelling, other structures and contents. Premiums may be lower for houses constructed of wood, as opposed to brick or stone. When purchasing or renewing earthquake insurance, it is especially important to consider the financial strength of the proposed carrier or carriers. Due to the nature of earthquake insurance underwriting, any significant earthquake event could see a carrier subject to multiple simultaneous claims. In this respect, you want to feel comfortable that the company with which you take up a policy has adequate financial strength. When selecting your coverage amount for earthquake insurance, note that the dwelling figure should be set to cover the cost of reconstruction after total loss. This figure is not the same as market value and need not reflect the cost of the land. Any one of the earthquake insurance companies to be found online can assist with questions. Here you can find a list of approved general insurers who may offer discount earthquake insurance here online. Check out the best rates available direct from earthquake insurance California and other state carriers.


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