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Ho3 also known as the Ho3 special form insurance product is the most widely purchased home insurance policy. Ho3 special form coverage is for homeowners that reside in the home to be insured. Ho3 is one of several policies for occupied dwelling coverage generally denoted as Ho numbers 1-8.

Ho3 Policy
The standard Ho3 policy improves upon the 'basic' and 'broad' form products (1-2) by offering a more comprehensive range of peril protection or scenarios where an insurance loss is covered. Ho3 special form homeowners is one of several ISO forms, with Ho3 accounting for the vast bulk of owner occupied coverage sold and quotes issued.

Ho3 policy

The form may also be seen denoted as Ho-3; one and the same Ho-3 or the Ho3 label is used to refer to the special form product in the majority of U.S. states.

ISO Insurance Form Numbers:

1. Basic Form Homeowner
2. Broad Form Homeowner
3. Special Form Homeowner Ho3
4. Renter
5. Premier Homeowner
6. Condo Owner
7. N/A
8. Older Home/Modified Coverage Homeowners

The Ho3 is sold as a package of coverage for a single premium. Ho3 products contain classes or areas of coverage that are consistent across ISO homeowner forms.

The difference in policy types thus relates, not to the areas of coverage or protection afforded, but the degree to which protection is offered as standard.

Ho3 insurance quotes are superior to basic and broad form, because with Ho3 insurance the home and contents are protected against a wider range of perils or list of qualifying causes of loss by default.

Classes Or Areas Of Coverage:

A. Dwelling (Home)
B. Other Structures
C. Contents/Personal Property
D. Loss Of Use/Additional Living Expense
#. Additional Coverage
E. Personal Liability
F. Med Pay/Guest Medical

Ho3 Policy Cover

ho3 policy

For the Home and Contents a Ho3 policy covers an enhanced list of perils or events, superior to broad and basic form insurance cover.

Home: All Risk *

Contents: Named Perils:

1. Fire and Lightning
2. Windstorm and Hail
3. Explosions
4. Riots or Civil commotions
5. Aircraft Damage
6. Vehicle Damage
7. Smoke
8. Vandalism and Malicious acts of Mischief
9. Theft
10. Glass Damage
11. Volcanic Eruption

12. Falling object
13. Weight of snow, ice and sleet
14. Accidental water or steam discharge or overflow from plumbing, heating, AC and sprinkler systems or from household appliances
15. Sudden accidental cracking, bulging, tearing apart of steam and hot water systems, AC and sprinkler systems
16. Freezing of plumbing, AC, heating, sprinkler systems or household appliances
17. Sudden accidental damage from artificial electric current.

Ho3 Insurance Policy Exclusions

When we compare Ho3 policy protection it offers superior 'All Risk' cover on the home; Ho3 policy cover is not however as comprehensive as you might think. With all forms of homeowner insurance it is equally important to understand what is not covered by default, such that some omissions may be included by endorsement and also to avoid disappointment at such time of a loss.

The term All Risk or Open Perils is misleading and what is Ho3 cover on the home or dwelling is better described as cover subject to Named Exclusions.

Ho3 covers the home against the above perils listed and more, however there is a not-insignificant list of events or loss causes that are named exclusions. Homeowners are often surprised to learn that the All Risks covered in their policy is actually all, except:

All Risk means Named Exclusions *

Pests - Birds, Animals, Termites, Rodents, Insects, Bats, Bugs etc.
Damp, Mold, Rot
Landslide, Mudslide, Subsidence
Earth Movements, Cracks, Expansive Soils, Settling, Expansions, Sinkholes
Wear and Tear
Surface Water
Sewer and Drain Back-Up
Trees and Shrubs
Water and Ice Damage to Fence, Pavement, Patio, Pool and more
Loss due to Power Failure including fridge and freezer spoilage
Smog, industrial and agricultural cause
Business Use
Construction Defect
Mechanical Breakdown/Defect
Theft and Damage by authorized occupant
Revolution and War
Swimming Pool Liner
Cash (over a limit)
Identity Theft
Leaking shower or bath and damage and loss resulting from
Vandalism, Mischief and Pipe freeze if 30 days unoccupied
Nuclear Hazard
Intentional Damage
Loss arising/related to Illegal Activity
Loss not Reasonably Proven

Your Ho3 insurance may be enhanced by purchasing additional Ho3 insurance coverage and endorsements. A typical endorsement for example, brings loss due to Sewer and Drain Back-Up within the realm of covered events.

Insurers offer different options to enhance the list of Ho3 covered scenarios. It should be noted however that the majority of the above typical Ho3 exclusions may not be possible to insure against through standard homeowners insurance.

Special Ho3 Quotes

Find insurers and get Ho3 quotes today. Special form insurance represents the product of choice for the vast majority of homeowners seeking robust coverage for their home and contents. With additional cover and endorsements, homeowners may tailor the Ho3 policy to better suit their needs. Other articles on this site explain the characteristics and features of the various classes or areas of coverage. A Ho3 quote is available free from a wide range of insurers in your state. The actual quote or cost of the product premium depends on many factors including details about the home to be insured. Shopping multiple carrier quotes for Ho3 homeowner protection is the single most important technique for saving money owing to the variable home insurance rating system. The location of the home and the dollar amount of dwelling cover required affects the rate that any insurer may offer. Additional premium saving techniques with Ho3 homeowners include accepting the highest deductible and default actual cash value settlement for contents instead of replacement cost. In some areas storm damage mitigation efforts help reduce cost. Discounts are available for general security features with other discount opportunities. Ho3 quotes are made most competitive however by virtue of carrier choice, not discounts alone. A relatively cheap price comes where the carrier has a low rate set in comparison to other insurers for your home location and principal coverage. This is why gathering several free Ho3 quotes is essential when you need to save money. Compare home insurance Ho3 quotes today.


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