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Home Insurance Quote

Home insurance quote providers | Get the best protection for your home and family. Home insurance quote and free pricing and policy guide. View potential carrier listings in your area and find companies who may offer affordable quality coverage. Get prices from select insurers and see how much you can save.

Home Insurance Quote
When it comes to protecting your home and family, sourcing the right home insurance quote is essential. Strike a balance between robust quality coverage and price for the best approach. Home coverage can seem confusing with its exclusions, restrictions and optional choices. Your home insurance quote should reflect a tailored policy that fits your needs and avoids the potential for finding yourself underinsured.

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What are the key elements or coverage classifications within your home insurance quote?

Home Insurance Quote Summary

Core elements to the average policy:

1. Dwelling
2. Other Structures
3. Unscheduled Personal Property
4. Loss of Use/Additional Living Expense
5. Personal Liability
6. Med Pay

insurance quote for homeA home insurance quote comes as a single premium price to encompass this 'package' of coverages. There are different types of policies sold but the typical home insurance quote and by far the most common policy homeowners keep is known as a special form HO3.

This is an 'all risk' or 'open perils' policy for your dwelling and structures. The term is a misnomer since in reality there is a sizeable list of circumstances or events that are excluded. Such is the nature of home insurance however and the HO3 still represents the default offering and choice.

For a home insurance quote it is important to construct your own policy. The key considerations revolve around:

- Limits
- Approaches
- Additional Optional Coverages

Dwelling & Other Structures

Dwelling Limit 

Your home insurance quote should be based on a dwelling liability limit figure that reflects the cost to rebuild your home in the event of total loss. To help with the home insurance quote process one may use a special construction cost calculator to determine this figure that takes account of current labor and material costs.

Dwelling Approaches

Your home insurance quote may reflect one of four different approaches to repairs and reconstruction:

- Actual Cash Value
Cost less depreciation for repairs. For a complete rebuild, fair market value, up to the limit specified (note market value is not the same as cost to rebuild).

- Replacement Cost
No deduction for depreciation. Replacement costs, up to dwelling limit set.

- Extended Replacement Cost
Additional coverage above dwelling limit to a stated percentage or dollar amount. 

- Guaranteed Replacement Cost
Regardless of dwelling limit.

Building Code Upgrade

Otherwise excluded, this covers additional cost to repair or replace a dwelling to comply with building / zoning laws in effect.

Unscheduled Personal Property

quote for home insurance By default a home insurance quote reflects the standard approach to contents coverage for your own personal property or belongings that are not considered part of the real-estate.

A home insurance quote for contents cover reflects the chosen dwelling figure. The content liability limit is simply a percentage of the selected dwelling limit. The default approach to contents or personal property is actual cash (depreciated) value, but your home insurance quote may be based on a choice between: Approach:

- Actual Cash Value
- Replacement Cost (policies are generally more expensive).

Additional Optional Coverages

Coverage for your personal property is subject to exclusions and limits. There are aggregate limits according to categories of items (e.g. jewelry, computers, electronics) and there are individual per item limits.

Your home insurance quote may reflect optional additional coverages to cover exclusions like watercraft for example and extended aggregate category and per item limits that you select. You can also get a home insurance quote for a policy that specifically lists out items of personal property that you wish to identify outside of the generic approach. Free listing or scheduling personal property allows you to avoid the default limitations.

Loss of Use

The package of protection covered by a home insurance quote contains cover for loss of use of your home due to a covered event. Intended to cover the cost of additional living expenses (principally rent or hotel cost) when you cannot remain in the home for a temporary period.

A good home insurance quote or policy does not place short post-event time restrictions on this benefit.

Personal Liability

The average home insurance quote reflects $100,000 coverage.

Med Pay

Your home insurance quote may reflect an each person/occurrence amount of cover for the medical expenses of others who are accidentally injured at your home.

Deciding what your coverage and approach preferences are in advance is important for a quick home insurance quote. There are typically many different providers selling packaged home insurance in each state and any one can provide you with a free home insurance quote.

You can also find various sites or services offering a free home insurance quote here online but learning what to expect with such services is useful. Whilst some sites may purport to offer an instant home insurance quote a little understanding here can save time and lead to the right choice. An instant home insurance quote may be obtained once all coverages are selected at major carrier sites online but generally the online quote process is neither instant nor widely available.

Cheap Home Insurance Quote

When looking to cut the cost of your policy shopping with carriers is important. A cheap home insurance quote may be obtained on account of variations in the base rates set by insurers at each location according to the primary amount of dwelling coverage selected. Like for like, the cheapest home insurance quote typically comes from the carriers who set the best basic pricing before personal adjustments are made. Shop for quotes from a few providers and when conducting a home insurance quote comparison make sure that all coverages and approaches are the same. Be mindful of quality issues when you compare provider quotes. There are non price issues in terms of carrier performance including their claims handling record. The best home insurance quote may be considered one that comes from an insurer that offers a strong product and options for an affordable price. Finding the cheapest possible quote may require a little effort. Remember that brokers are focused on selling more not less expensive policies and they may not represent the best value carriers available. You can find a list of potential insurers and shop with top carriers for a fast home insurance quote directly here online.


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