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Home insurance reviews | confidently source your next policy with home insurance reviews of popular carriers. Insurance for the home is an important purchase; you want to feel confident that the policy provider is well regarded in key performance areas. In broad terms, this encompasses price or value for money and quality, measured in multiple ways.

Home insurance reviews are a good place to begin the shopping process for a new policy provider. They are also useful for checking how your existing carrier is currently rated as you approach renewal time. There is a great amount of information available to consumers online that deals with insurer performance. What is the best source of information as you look to compare carriers and what criteria are typically considered?

home insurance review

Here we review the best online carrier rating source. Consumers interested in finding an online home insurance review have plenty of choice. There are studies, surveys, consumer reports, rankings, ratings, reviews, rants and raves.

Information may be obtained from various types of websites and in many cases you may read individual homeowners comments in regard to their own purchase, claims or general customer experience. What's the best source for online home insurance reviews?

home insurance reviewWidespread consumer feedback is at the heart of credible home insurance reviews and ratings, but sites differ in approach. Some sites conduct online surveys that ask homeowners to give a star rating and publish actual consumer comments, while other sites publish survey results without customer commentary. Other sites do not conduct surveys and simply function as a forum.


So, when you want a credible, independent and objective review of multiple carriers where do you go? J.D. Power Insurance Consumer Ratings

J. D. Power publishes the results of regular studies into homeowner satisfaction with their insurance provider. These surveys typically involve thousands of consumers and are conducted over an in-year window so capturing a great deal of research but in a timely way.

Although there are other useful sources of reviews, those sites that publish consumer comments have a problem with objectivity. In simple terms, people are often more motivated to comment about negative experiences rather than jump online and praise their insurer as recommended.

What type of information is surveyed and what are the important performance criteria? All home insurance reviews are concerned with quality and price.

Quality Review

1. Coverage Choice

How does the carrier rate for types of coverage offered? How well does the insurer's product meet the needs of the homeowner. This includes available endorsements and deductible flexibility. In reality, the typical homeowners policy purchased (Special form Ho3) is consistent across insurers in terms of coverage areas and perils covered and common endorsements offered. Some policy terms can differ, but in general the non-coverage or policy areas are where the greatest quality interest lies. Most importantly, this relates to claims:

2. Claims Process

From initially reporting a claim through the various stages of; how well do insurers rate in terms of customer experience, satisfaction and ease of process? How easy or difficult is it to file, progress and monitor your claim? Does the process move swiftly or is unacceptable delay too common?

3. Claims Handling

The people involved in handling the claim. How satisfied are customers with claims handler response, competency, knowledge, ability and willingness to answer questions etc. Compassion, empathy etc.

4. Claim Settlement

Speed and fairness of the financial settlement. Does the insurer have a reputation for denying or limiting claims unfairly. How satisfied are customers with the payouts received? Home insurance reviews may consider claims experience separately. The importance of claims to home insurance reviews can merit surveys on this topic alone. Homeowner experience at time of claim is the most influential quality factor.

5. Call Center Responsiveness

What do customers think about the experience contacting and dealing with the insurer by telephone. How easy can they reach qualified help?

6. Website Experience

How do customers rate the insurers website for functionality and ease of use. Can you obtain a quote, update information, submit and monitor a claim, get clear information about the insurer and their policy products and coverage? Note that many insurers offer limited functionality that excludes quotes and online claims management; this level of online service is typical of the major carriers only. When the carrier refers you to a local agent, how convenient is the information given?

7. Estimate Process

Damage estimate assessment service.

8. Repairs Process

Choice and flexibility regarding who does your home repairs and overall experience when damage repair work is necessary.

9. Billing and Payment

How clear and timely are billing statements. What options exist for making payment. What installment plans are available and what fees are associated. How easy is it to make a payment?

The above are the main quality considerations of a home insurance review. There is also the matter of carrier financial strength or robustness. A.M. Best publishes financial strength ratings. In geographic areas prone to widespread natural disaster, the financial strength of the insurer is something to consider as you choose a policy provider.

Price Review

J. D. Power and other survey publishers report on price as a rating measurement. How satisfied are customers with the price they pay for coverage? Quote and premium price is however problematic when trying to assess one carrier to the next. Surveys report how customers perceive value for money. You may think you are getting value for money, yet elsewhere the same policy specification may be available much cheaper.

Because price quotes are not standard and built upon local base rates that can vary substantially, one insurer may be relatively cheap or expensive for your home location and coverage limit required. Price quotes and premium value must be tested by consumers directly through the process of shopping quotes.

Following a star rating as an indication of the ranking price competitiveness of carriers in regard to your own personal quote is not a good approach to ensure best value. Shopping quotes is essential because of the great price differences that characterize homeowners policies on comparison. Quality metrics have more meaning at the aggregate level.

Best Home Insurance Reviews

For unbiased, credible and useful home insurance reviews, consumers have a few choices online. Reviewing the reviewers however often leads to J.D. Power as an, if not the essential source. One problem that large consumer research organizations have is the tendency to review major carriers only. Such carriers include Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Progressive, State Farm, Travelers, Farmers and Nationwide for example. These are the insurers with the largest sales volumes operating nationwide in many cases. In your state there are typically many more carriers from which to buy homeowners coverage. Thus if you are interested in exploring the performance of any lesser carriers (by sales) you will often need to review those sites that publish consumer comments submitted directly to the website. As we noted earlier, it can be more difficult to draw accurate conclusions from this type of online review site. Remember that while quality performance ratings can be useful in informing your purchase decision, quotes must be obtained direct in order to factor cost or value into the equation. You may find a list of top rated insurers here along with other local carriers. Collect free quotes and compare as you consider home insurance reviews.


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