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Homeowners insurance California | Complete protection for your home. Find the best homeowners insurance California providers offering robust policy protection. Insuring your home adequately is essential in order to protect your investment, but a homeowners insurance California policy goes beyond just protecting the home and its contents. Discover cheap homeowners insurance California rates and see how much you can save on homeowner quotes today.

A homeowner insurance California product is typically sold as a collection or 'package' of coverages that protect the home, your personal property, your liability in the event of a negligent type act or omission, loss of home usage and medical payments cover for injured parties.

California homeowners insurance

There are different types of homeowners insurance California policies, differentiated in settlement approaches and loss cause inclusions/exclusions, however homeowners insurance California products offer the same coverage types or classifications of protection.

California homeowners insurancePolicy type HO-3 known as a Special Form is the overwhelming purchase choice of consumers and the homeowners insurance California product frequently suggested for purchase by agents dealing in homeowners insurance California business.


The standard classifications of coverage protection reflected by quotes include:

Types Of Coverage Contained In a CA Homeowners Insurance Product:

  • Dwelling
  • Other Structures
  • Personal Property (aka Home Contents)
  • Liability
  • Loss of Use (aka Additional Living Expense)
  • Medical Payments

The above types of cover are typically sold together as a product. California homeowners insurance quotes therefore reflect a single annual premium for all coverage combined. California homeowners insurance rates and quotes are for owner occupiers; other products are sold to cover non owner occupied real estate.

What Does Homeowners Insurance In California Cover?

A distinction may be drawn between the types of homeowners insurance in California and the events, circumstances or causes of loss that are covered.

Homeowners Insurance In California CoverThe CA HO-3 product is by far the most popular choice from California homeowners insurance companies. Even with the best homeowners insurance California customers need to be aware of what the homeowners insurance California policy excludes as well as includes or covers. This fact comes to light when we elaborate to define what protection an all risks HO-3 policy affords by default:


HO-3 Homeowners Insurance CA

Dwelling and Other Structures - Open Perils (aka All Risks)

Open Perils means all events or causes of damage/loss are covered - except those that are specifically excluded in the California homeowner insurance as standard.

Personal Property - Named Perils

Named Perils means that your homeowner insurance California event or loss cause is only covered if it appears in a standard list of covered circumstances.

So, both your Home and your Personal Property are by default subject to a list of Included/Excluded events as standard whenever you compare home insurance

California Homeowners Insurance Coverage HO-3

- Dwelling
- Other Structures

The Dwelling figure aka homeowners insurance California 'policy limit' is the principal coverage amount and affects other protection extended.

A homeowners insurance California calculator may be used to estimate the figure for insurance quote purposes. California homeowners insurance quote policy limits should reflect the current day cost to rebuild.

California homeowners insurance coverage amounts should be enough to rebuild the property using like materials and quality. The market value of the house and any outstanding mortgage balance are not relevant. Estimate full replacement or rebuild cost including debris removal in a total loss scenario.

The homeowners insurance California cover for other structures (e.g. detached garage) is typically extended as 10% of Dwelling homeowners insurance California limit.

Settlement: Replacement cost.

Losses are adjusted at the replacement cost up to the policy limit as long as that limit or dwelling figure is at least 80%. Thus, when you select homeowners insurance California policy limits be sure to aim for a solid 100% of rebuild cost.

Homeowners insurance California customers should revisit or recalculate this figure every year to ensure that they are not underinsured.

- Personal Property

A better description than 'Contents', your belongings are covered wherever they are (in a garden, hotel room or car for example).

HO-3 personal property California homeowners insurance is offered by default using an 'Unscheduled' method. This means that with California home owners insurance, your belongings are not expressly listed in or required to be declared for the policy.

The dollar amount of homeowners insurance California protection for contents is typically 40-70% of the selected Dwelling figure.

Contents homeowners insurance California protection is offered subject to category or class of item limitations. Within the aggregate dollar coverage, insurers classify common items for the purposes of claims.

For example, computing equipment and silverware etc all have a maximum claim payout associated. Categories like jewelry also have per-item limits to the amount that can be paid. 

California homeowners insurance customers can overcome these limitations by electing to 'Schedule' any particular items or collections of value, which attracts an additional premium.

Settlement: Actual Cash Value.

The depreciated or used worth of an item, unless you choose to take a California homeowners insurance endorsement that amends the policy to a Replacement cost method for personal property.

- Liability

Your homeowners insurance quotes California include protection from the affects of a lawsuit should you or a resident accidentally injure someone or damage their property as a result of a negligent type act or omission in or around the home and with some policies, away from the California home also.

- Loss of Use

Homeowners insurance California cover for the added expense of not being able to reside in your home following a covered event. Hotel costs etc.

- Medical Payments

This homeowners insurance California coverage is to cover the medical expenses of non-resident guests that may be injured at your home.

Best Homeowners Insurance In California

Find carriers that may offer you a better rate now, your online homeowners insurance California resource. What is the best California homeowners insurance? A HO-3 product is adequate for most. You may buy a premium product that extends personal property protection onto an open perils basis, however the value in doing so is questionable. 'Best' may be defined in terms of both price quotes and quality. When you buy homeowners insurance California carrier quality should also be considered. You must feel confidant that any potential claim is likely to be met swiftly and the payout fair. There are California homeowners insurance reviews that consider such. In terms of what is the cheapest premium, the major determinant is the principal amount of dollar coverage. Homeowners insurance companies in California set rates that vary between and within insurers depending primarily on the location and dollar cover. Many house related factors affect the cost of premiums however and initial low homeowners insurance California base rate should lead to cheap California homeowners insurance quotes. How much is homeowners insurance in California? For free direct quotes view carriers now.


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