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Jewelry insurance | coverage for valuable pieces of jewelry and all rings including engagement ring insurance. Understand about jewelry insurance and get the best suitable jewelry insurance, wedding ring and engagement ring insurance. Standard homeowner policies place limitations on jewelry insurance and ring insurance claims through per article dollar limits, overall claim limits and restrictions on the circumstances for which a claim is valid.

Standard policies typically limit claims for theft or disappearance to $1,000. Jewelry insurance quotes can extend coverage through what is known as optional coverage endorsements. This may for example extend engagement ring insurance or wedding ring insurance protection to a useful $25,000 overall, however, per item limits will still apply.

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Jewelry insurance quotes as optional coverage endorsements will only raise the per item limit to perhaps $2,000 - $5,000.

Jewelry Insurance QuotesThose seeking engagement ring insurance or for any valuable jewelry collections, and especially those who have an individual item or items having a value greater than the above amount may want to purchase jewelry insurance under what is known as a scheduled endorsement to homeowner policy, otherwise known as Scheduled Personal Property protection (SPP). This means that you add a list of items or schedule of jewelry items onto a standard home, condo or renter policy.

In order to qualify for this SPP protection for jewelry insurance you will need to produce receipts for individual items or have the items appraised. If you can also provide (but not required) a gem print for the jewel, then you could qualify for a jewelry insurance including engagement ring insurance discount. Coverage is provided on an actual cash value basis which means that some deduction for depreciation may apply in the event of a claim. Such jewelry insurance including engagement ring insurance can be acquired from most approved carriers. As with all forms of insurance, it is highly advisable to get jewelry insurance quotes from a few companies when you come to shop for your home, renter or condo policy. It may be advisable to avoid any broker service, which may add to the premium or steer you towards a higher priced carrier. The best approach may be to select one jewelry insurance specialist together with three approved main carriers and look for discount deals here online. Quotes are always provided free for any type of jewelry insurance and engagement ring insurance. Find coverage and get peace of mind from top authorized companies today.


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