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Mobile home insurance | tailor made special mobile home insurance is available here online from insurers approved to offer such policies. Manufactured home insurance and mobile home insurance is synonymous, one and the same. Policies may be purchased from some well known carriers and general insurers and specialist mobile home insurance companies and manufactured home insurance providers. Here we refer to them collectively as mobile home insurance companies.

What coverage is provided through the average policy? In summary, the typical policy provides protection for the dwelling and adjacent structures, contents and belongings and personal liability. In general, mobile home insurance does not cover the home whilst it is being moved.

mobile home insurance companies

1. Dwelling protection: This includes cover for the physical structure of the accommodation and for adjacent structures which you own and are located on the same parcel of land; such as sheds and carport or detached garage. Protection is offered against a number of perils, including fire, windstorm, lightning, explosion and more.

mobile home insurance companies

2. Mobile home insurance personal property protection: from damage caused by the above perils and from theft and vandalism, whether your possessions are located in the home or adjacent structures as covered in the policy. Coverage may also apply to belongings which you take away from the home. Mobile home insurance like conventional home policies does not provide coverage for natural flooding events. Separate stand-alone policies may be obtained for the flood hazard. Mobile home insurance Florida customers should understand terms regarding wind damage.

3. Personal liability protection: under your mobile home insurance policy. This protects you from the financial consequences of a lawsuit brought against you for negligence type events, where you are held liable for causing accidental injury or damage to another's property. There may be coverage for loss of use due a covered event. Mobile home insurance companies may offer extended coverages or optional additional cover for an increased premium and there may be a choice between actual cash value and full cost of replacement for damaged, lost or stolen items. Many mobile home insurance companies offer discounts if the structure rests on a foundation that is permanent. Also if there are favorable construction features you may obtain cheap mobile home insurance here. Further discounts apply to newer units factory manufactured to HUD standard. When looking to first purchase or renew a policy, it is advisable to get a free mobile home insurance quote from a few companies and remember that mobile home insurance rates and quotes change between insurers periodically. Always test the market here online whenever you need a free mobile home insurance quote.


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