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Property insurance | find approved carriers and discount property insurance providers for your location and get the best property insurance quotes from top insurers online today. Personal property insurance refers to all moveable effects, belongings and personal goods and chattels not considered real (estate) property. Personal property insurance quotes cover such items as furniture, clothing, equipment, materials, furnishings, tools, appliances and generally anything which you or your resident family own which is not regarded as part of the real estate.

Personal property insurance is provided as part of standard homeowner coverage and does not include coverage for motor-vehicles of any type nor for boats or watercraft, which must be purchased as separate policies.

property insurance quotes

Property insurance comes with both home owner, renting and condo policies and is subject to limitations, extensions and different approaches to settlement calculation. The property insurance calculator for settlements may be either actual cash value or full current day replacement cost. The former reimburses for the depreciated or second hand current worth only.

In terms of dollar amounts for property insurance coverage in total, the typical property insurance calculator is simply a percentage of the chosen dwelling limit and may often be as much as 50% or 70%.

property insurance quotes This is the unscheduled personal property insurance limit of liability figure, which you see on a standard declarations page. The standard approach is therefore to have a total liability limit figure for contents or possessions coverage applied by default.


The amount depends upon the dollar amount you have chosen for the 'more important' dwelling or real property coverage. For those homeowners who require the most basic personal property insurance, the amount of cover offered for property insurance is thus entirely dependent upon the figure you have chosen for the dwelling cover. For those renting, the total coverage amount is offered as a choice e.g. 50, 75 or $100,000.

Property insurance typically provides protection for your belongings whilst they are both on and off or away from the property. Insurance cover may be extended through optional coverages which increase the limits which exists for different categories of items. For example, you may purchase additional cover for your jewelry which extends the claim limit in total and the each/per item limit, which insurers impose with any unscheduled personal property insurance policy. Those consumers who have valuable items and or valuable collections of any kind may wish to consider protecting these by means of a special endorsement to the standard policy known as scheduled personal property insurance, where the customer lists or itemizes valuable items for the insurer, together with receipts and or appraisals. In this way, for an added premium, the items are covered without limitations.

Property insurance is a generic term which by definition means that most standard insurers listed here constitute a property insurance company since they offer coverage for both dwellings and personal property or belongings protection as part of their product portfolio. A property insurance company is therefore synonymous with a general property and casualty insurer. Here you may thus find a list of approved property insurance companies who provide the coverage you seek and can offer discounts and better rates now online.


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